About us is an online introduction to visitors and tourists who want to now more about Danish nature and wildlife. WAD is run by VisitNature Publishing - a media group working with several branches of nature.
    Welcome to the great outdoors of Denmark. A small country with great historic and natural adventures.

    Marianne Riis Lisborg, editor-in-chief

    VisitNature Publishing I/S is a media agency working with several branches of nature. We are a team of naturalists, frelance writers and wildlife photographers. With a passion for the great outdoors we illustrate and communicate the wonders of nature. Our mission is to set focus on the biodiversity of the planet and inspire and introduce you to the world of nature. We aim to link the VisitNature trademark with high standards in our products and services: “Connecting people with their natural heritage”.

    Marianne Riis Lisborg