The Wild Boar has returned home to Denmark

Wild boars were originally widespread in Denmark. Mainly due to hunting pressure the wild boars became extinct in Denmark more than 200 years ago. The last wild boar was shot in Jutland in 1801. Now the Wild Boar has returned to Denmark.

In the recent years the Wild Boar has returned home to Denmark – migrating from Germany.
The wild boars have returned despite there being a “shoot on sight” ordinance in Denmark. And while nature enthusiasts are pleased to once again see boars in Denmark, the country’s agriculture sector is less enamoured with the news. Danish Agriculture argue that, aside from the damage to crops, the return of the boars could severely compromise the Danish billion-kroner pork export because of the diseases boars can carry e.g. swine fever. However, so far no wild boars in Denmark have been testet positive for swine fever.

Wild boars are particularly good for forested areas because they root about the forest floor with their snouts and turn the earth providing a more varied forest floor and a richer botanical foundation.

Source:, Dansk pattedyratlas by Hans J. Baagøe.

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