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    Set up a tent in Denmark

    Sleep on the forest floor – for free

    Denmark welcomes you to spend the night in the nature areas owned by the Danish Government. You can find the state forests in most...

    Denmark to build wall to keep out wild boar

    Denmark is echoing Donald Trump and has said it will build a 70 km (43.5 mile) fence on its border with Germany to keep...

    The Cliffs of Møn

    The Cliffs of Møn are a 6-7 km stretch of chalk cliffs along the eastern coast of the Danish island of Møn in the...
    Snakes in Denmark

    Snakes in Denmark

    Once there were four species of snakes in Denmark. The Aesculapian snake and the Smooth snake are today considered extinct. That leaves the two remaining...
    The Danish countryside

    Enjoy the Danish countryside

    Among small villages, fairy-tale castles and Viking history. Denmark’s countryside is heavy on the pastoral charm. There are fairy-tale castles turned hotels still run by real-life...