The Danish water quality among the best in Europe.

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IIn general, bathing water quality is good in Denmark
The beach at Thorupstrand, Northern Jutland, Denmark.

Of the 28 European EU-countries, Denmark is still on the top 10-list of countries with the best bathing water quality.

Denmark’s beaches follow a continental trend that across Europe, bathing waters are getting cleaner.
For many Europeans, holidays revolve around bathing water. Today Europe’s bathing waters are much cleaner than forty years ago when large quantities of untreated or partially treated municipal and industrial wastewater were discharged into water.

Of the 28 European EU-countries, Denmark is still on the top 10 list of countries with the best bathing water quality, according to the latest 2017-report about the European bathing water quality. The water quality in Denmark significantly exceeds countries such as France, Spain and Portugal.

Beach and dunes by the North Sea, Western Jutland, Denmark.

See the latest report about Denmark and water quality (pdf).

Check the water quality at a beach near you.

At the European level, bathing water information is made available to the public through the EEA’s bathing water website, which allows users to view bathing water quality at more than 21 000 coastal beaches and inland sites across Europe. Users can check bathing
water quality on an interactive map
Visit the interactive map and find your beach.

Tversted Strand, Northern Jutland.

Source: EEA Report No 5/2017, European Environment Agency.

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