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    Ancient burial mounds in the Danish countryside

    No matter if you go by car, bicycle or hiking through the Danish countryside there is a good chance that you will pass by...

    Travel Risk Map: Denmark among the safest countries in the world.

    The latest edition of the interactive Travel Risk Map classifies countries according to the threat posed to travellers, road safety risk and...
    Swimming nude

    Go for a swim – without wearing swimwear?

    Is it legal to go for a swim – without wearing swimwear? "Denmark - the most shameless nation on the planet" according to a survey...
    Can I drink tap water in Denmark?

    Drinking tap water?

    In Denmark people take their drinking water for granted. Danes don’t think twice before grabbing a glass and sticking it underneath...
    Coal consumption reduced in Denmark

    Utilisation of fossil fuel fell by over 25 percent in one year

    The Danish coal consumption fell by 25.5 percent from 2016 to 2017. Towards green energy: Danish...