Not to be found elsewhere in the world

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The Jammer Bay (DA: Jammerbugten) also known as Mourning Bay probably because of many lost ships and shipwrecks in the past. Here grows a little and beautiful eyebright-flower. It is not to be found anywhere else in the world.

Small, beautiful – and endemic!

The coastal landscape and hinterland around Jammer Bay (Jammerbugten) in the northwestern part of Jutland contains an exciting and versatile wildlife, which in recent years has offered everything from red deers, otters, beavers and wandering wolves. The landscape houses several ornithological sights with Bulbjerg as Jutland’s only bird cliff – and Vejlerne Nature Reserve, where you will find several species of rare birds.
Botanically, the area is something very special and counts many rare plants. Some so rare that they are not found anywhere else in the country. For example this applies to a species of orchid (D. majalis subsp. calcifugiens).

The little and beautiful eyebright-flower.

The coastline between the cliff of Bulbjerg and the small fishing village of Thorupstrand is home to a little, beautiful eyebright-flower (Euphrasia dunensis), not noticed by many. This eyebright species is endemic, which means it only grows here! You will not find it anywhere else in the world!

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