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    Denmark has become a bit wilder

    Danish nature has become wilder and more exciting in recent years. Large nature restoration projects have succeeded with support from private foundations. New species invade...
    Lizards of Denmark

    Lizards in Denmark

    In Denmark you will only find two species of lizards. The common lizard and the sand lizard. The common lizard (Zootoca vivipara) is, as the...
    Can I drink tap water in Denmark?

    Drinking tap water?

    In Denmark people take their drinking water for granted. Danes don’t think twice before grabbing a glass and sticking it underneath...

    The migrating sand dunes of Råbjerg Mile

    The Råbjerg Mile, on the northern tip of Denmark, is one of the largest migrating sand dunes in Europe. South of Skagen, you will find...
    Spiders in Denmark

    Any dangerous spiders in Denmark?

    More than 540 species of spiders have been recorded in Denmark. Fortunately, all of them are harmless to humans. However, some can bite you quite noticeably! Actually...