Denmark wants to be independent of fossil fuels.

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Green Energy

Sustainable economic growth and security of energy and water supply are among the greatest global challenges today. As the first country in the world, Denmark has decided to lead the transition and become a green and resource efficient economy entirely independent of fossil fuels by 2050.

Today, more than 40 per cent of Denmark’s energy supply comes from wind power and the plan is to reach 50 per cent by 2020, as set out in the 2012 Energy Act. In 2050, the plan is for Denmark to be 100 per cent free of fossil fuel and wind energy will make up a very large part of the energy mix by then.

The dark side of the windmills success is that many Danes think that the increasing number of wind farms are ruining the landscape. Remote countrysides with endless horizons (appealing to many tourists) are today broken many places by windfarms. In addition, the windmills seem to become higher and higher – with increasing impact on the scenery.
Furthermore several Danish scientists have documented that the wind farms also can have an negative influence on wildlife like bats and some migrating birds.


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