Denmark’s largest offshore wind farm is ready to supply green energy

    The Kriegers Flak’s offshore wind farm in the Baltic Sea is expected to supply energy that corresponds to the annual electricity consumption of 600,000 households.

    New wind farm strongly contribute to the Danish target of fossil independency

    “Green energy is crucial for the climate-neutral society of the future, and with the power from Kriegers Flak’s offshore wind turbines, Denmark is once again proving to be a pioneer in the use of wind energy”, says Dan Jørgensen, Danish Minister for Climate, Energy and Utilities.
    In the long term, when all 72 turbines are established, there is an expectation that the park will be able to supply what corresponds to the annual electricity consumption of approximately 600,000 households.

    This is approximately 50 percent more energy than the largest offshore wind farm so far in Denmark, The Horns Rev III.

    The new windfarm is an important contribute to the Danish target of fossil independency in 2050.

    The Swedish company Vattenfall is responsible for the establishment and operation of Kriegers Flak Offshore Wind Farm in the Baltic Sea.

    Pioneer industry originally developed in Denmark

    Ship for wind turbine installation offshore. Archive Image. Credit: Yobidaba,

    Offshore wind energy was originally developed on the basis of the Danish success with onshore wind power. Denmark was the first country in the world to install an offshore wind farm, which was the wind farm Vindeby close to Lolland. 

    Horns Rev 1, the first large scale offshore wind farm, was installed in 2002. 

    Sources: Danish Energy Agency, Featured image: Archieve photo, Danish Offshore Turbines near Copenhagen. Credit: JacekPlacek,

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