Record number of eagles are breeding in Denmark

    The white-tailed eagle is North Europe’s largest bird of prey. Credit: Andrew Astbury/

    After being nearly non-existent for about a century, the White-tailed Eagle and the Golden Eagle have successfully returned back to Denmark.

    When the Danish Ornithological Society conducted its annual eagle count in 2017 more than 400 eagles were spotted across the country.
    A total of 395 white-tailed Eagles and 14 golden eagles were observed during the official count.

    The white-tailed eagle population was nearly non-existent in Denmark for up to a century before making a comeback in 1996.

    The white-tailed eagle is North Europe’s largest bird of prey. With its impressive wingspan of up to 2.5 m, and the very square flight silhouette, it rather resembles a flying door. Adult sea eagles can also be recognised by the white tail, the bright head and yellow beak.

    Eagle experts predict that by 2020 there will be at least 100 pairs of breeding white-tailed eagles in Denmark. The about 8.000 kilometer long coastline and many fjords and lakes, is a perfect landscape for the white-tailed eagles.

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